A tribute to clarity, form and style.

We are celebrating 100 years of the legendary Bauhaus – with the OSKAR model, a VAUEN edition inspired by Bauhaus master Oskar Schlemmer and created by designer Markus Bruckner. The central philosophy of the Bauhaus, ‘to unite art and craft’ and at the same time to subordinate form to function, is also an important guiding principle for us, which we follow when creating every one of our pipes. The OSKAR was inspired by the figures of the Triadic Ballet, which was developed in 1912 by Oskar Schlemmer in collaboration with the dancers Albert Burger and Elsa Hötzel and is regarded as one of the greatest works created within the framework of the Bauhaus. But OSKAR is not only a delight as an object in itself, because the large round pipe bowl promises a wonderfully cool smoking pleasure and lies perfectly in your hand. With great attention to detail, clear geometric shapes and striking colours, this diminutive work of art has been created in over 60 steps of pure handcraft.


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